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Pain: A Shift in Perspective

  • Posted By : Dr. Stephen Harkins
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I want to challenge your beliefs about pain. These 5 counterintuitive concepts may seem hard to believe but stick with me. Challenge number 1) pain is not purely physical/structural. It’s not just “a disc” or “a muscle” 2) pain is not processed in the part of the body where you “feel” it; it is processed in the brain and nervous system 3) Your brain responds to pain through your EXPERIENCE, your thoughts, fears, stresses, and feelings. 4) The nervous system can get locked in an “overprotective”, hypersensitive state where it overreacts to normal stimuli. 5) Here is the great news! The brain and nervous system are malleable like “putty”; the hypersensitive programming can be reversed. There is hope! You do not have to wait for the latest health-damaging pills or surgery. I have developed unique, safe, and effective chiropractic techniques that can help you address your pain from a different angle, reprogram your nervous system, and start “turning down the volume” on your symptoms no matter how they started or how long they’ve lasted. The only way to find out how much of a difference these techniques can make in your life is to get started and see what happens; that is exactly what I am here to help you do. Book an appointment today!

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