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Dr. Harkins owned 50 chiropractic clinics where he was the largest employer of chiropractors in the world! He has 24 years of experience not only in chiropractic but in teaching anatomy and physiology, biology, and physics. He has coached High school volleyball and football (he played D1 college football) and has a keen interest in sports performance. He has worked backstage with The Eagles, The Who, Michael Flatley and world class dancers and performers with various acts. Enjoy his unique insights on various topics with his blog!

October 19, 21

- Dr. Stephen Harkins

Pain: A Shift in Perspective

I want to challenge your beliefs about pain. These 5 counterintuitive concepts may seem hard to believe but stick with me. Challenge number 1) pain is not purely physical/structural.

October 19, 21

- Dr. Stephen Harkins

You’re Cheapening the Profession!

These words are often murmured by chiropractors and others to demean me and other affordable chiropractors. I was able to help one of my patients, Gloria, in just a...

October 19, 21

- Dr. Stephen Harkins

Motion Palpation Vindicated?

Last year, I invited Dr. Leonard Faye to conduct a chiropractic technique seminar for the 70+ doctors in my organization. He is a pioneer in motion palpation and studied under Dr. Henri.

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Our mission is to get you back to perfect function and to maintain it. Dysfunction in the spine and extremities leads to dysfunction in the body.

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