L2 segment is “out”!

Do you have these symptoms?

  • Deep aching low back pain in area #1 (but not down the leg).
  • Pain can be lancinating, knife-like, cutting, lightning bolt with movement.
  • Pain can travel along the top of back of the hip/pelvis.
  • Pain can wrap around to the stomach or groin and/or SI joint.
  • Painful rolling on to your side in bed.
  • Pain when standing up and walking
  • Coughing and sneezing frightfully painful!
  • Acute severe difficulty getting out of bed in the morning. You might have to crawl!
  • Pushing down on your hips or the chair/bed with your hands helps.
  • Climbing stairs is painful and bending forward is difficult.
  • Your lower back is basically immobilized
  • You have difficulty turning and bending to the opposite direction of the painful side.
  • The pain can become depressing and you experience loss of vitality and endurance trying to remain active in spite of the pain.
  • Rarely – you may have heavy hips, cramping calves, burning legs and feet

L2 is “out” What might have happened?

  • You had an accident or a fall
  • You bent forward and reached to the side awkwardly while lifting something heavy or even something small from the floor.
  • You were putting on pants while stooped over and leaning sideways.
  • You were gardening, scrubbing the floor, or walking on an uneven surface like the beach.
  • You slept on a soft, sagging bed like a hammock.
  • You’ve been leaning forward over a desk with poor elbow support or leaning over a low sink or work surface or sitting in a chair leaning on poor low elbow rests

L2 is “out”! Can Dr. Harkins fix it?

  • L2 vertebra is “out” sensitizing the L1 pain nerves which travel to your Quadratus lumborum muscle; now the muscle has become overly-sensitive to pressure and certain movements(see above). The QL muscle is called “The Joker” because it is deceptively painful.
  • Solution – Dr. Harkins can “adjust” the dysfunctional L1 segment stimulating the mechanical nerves which desensitize the pain nerves and get you back to perfect function.
  • How long? – 2-5 visits over 3-7 days to get back to perfect function! Book Now!
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